Aussie ‘bio-terrorist’ arrested for online threats to kill journalist

A former Australian of Moroccan descent has been arrested for threatening to kill a journalist who reported on a political controversy.

Key points:Jamaica’s president says he’s committed to fighting crime and terrorismBut the president says the arrest will not lead to a political riftA lawyer says Mr Al Fayed is “disgraceful” for his behaviourThe Jamaican government says it is taking measures to protect journalists from the threatA Jamaican citizen, identified only as Mr Al, is facing charges of threatening to cause bodily harm and breach of peace.

Jamaican authorities say Mr Al has been in custody since March.

He was charged in connection with a social media posting that accused journalist Mohamed Ali Mohamed of trying to assassinate him.

Mr Mohamed was detained on Friday and has been charged with inciting a crime and insulting the country.

He denies the charges.

A lawyer representing Mr Al said the arrest was “disgusting” and that the former Jamaican president was a “bio terrorist” who “lacks any understanding of how to be a human”.

“He is disgusting for this,” lawyer Mohamed Abdi said.

“I have never seen someone being arrested on the basis of this.”‘

He has no respect for anyone’The lawyer said Mr Al is a member of the Jamaican Nationalist Party and has links to al Qaeda.

“He has absolutely no respect to anybody,” he said.

Mr Al’s lawyer, Ali Mohamed, says the former president has a criminal record and has “disrespected” people.

“What he is doing is an attempt to undermine the judiciary,” he told ABC Radio New Zealand.

“It’s the most disgraceful thing he’s done in my view.”

Mr Mohamed said Mr Ali Mohamed was also a victim of racism and a man who was “living in a dream”.

“What we have seen is a complete lack of understanding of the history and the impact of racism on the Jamaicans and the other people of the Caribbean,” he added.

The lawyer also questioned why the former President had not been charged in relation to the tweet.

“If he was going to post a tweet, why did he take a few hours to delete it?” he said, referring to Mr Mohamed’s tweet that said the Jamaicans would never forget his arrest.

“That was very, very clearly meant as a threat.

He has no remorse.

He says it was a joke.”

Mr Al was released on bail on Monday and was remanded in custody until October 19.

A spokesman for Mr Al’s office said his bail had been approved.

“We do not believe that this arrest is connected to the arrest of Mohamed Ali, and therefore, we will not be making any further comment at this time,” the spokesman said.

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