CPA firm networks to launch in UK by the end of 2018

CPA firms are set to launch their UK network in the coming months, with CPA network coach CPA Network Coach set to become the UK’s first full-service provider of network coaches and technology, the firm announced today.”CPA Network Coaches is set to roll out in the UK in the first quarter of 2018,” CPA chief executive Brian Cottrell said.

“We’re very excited about this opportunity to deliver our network coach platform to CPA customers.”

Mr Cottrill said CPA clients would benefit from the availability of CPA’s own technology and network coaches in the same way as they benefit from having their own IT equipment.

“The platform provides CPA with the full suite of IT equipment and software for its customers and allows us to tailor and provide a tailored solution to the customer’s needs,” he said.

The CPAs first full service provider of Cpa network coaches will be the firm’s new network coach provider, CPA Networks, a joint venture between CPA and CPA Partner, which will provide CPA networks to clients in the City of London.

“As a CPA partner, CPN is in a unique position to provide the service to clients across the UK, and we look forward to providing our customers with the services they need,” Mr Cottill said.CPA Networks has also been selected to provide its own network hardware to CPL and CPLs clients.CPMC, which is the CPA provider for the CPL network, has announced plans to expand its network hardware supply chain to include a range of CPMC network hardware.

“Our network hardware has become increasingly critical to our clients’ operations and this expansion has allowed us to offer a more consistent and more efficient solution for our clients,” Mr Stroud said.

“The new CPM CPA will deliver a fully-integrated solution for CPA client and customer operations.”CPM is also working with CPL to develop new hardware and technology solutions for the UK network, with the first of these being the launch of CPL’s own new CPA hardware in the second quarter of this year.

“While we are excited to work with CPM on the CPM-CPA network, we will continue to develop our network hardware solution with our customers in the long term,” Mr Sperling said.

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