CPA Network to pay for cannabis cpa ads for the first time

CPA network MaxBounty announced today that it will pay advertisers for cannabis advertising for the First Time on CPA networks, the first CPA to do so.

The CPA said the move will help grow the market for cannabis ads, which have been largely absent from the ad-tech market.

MaxBounties first ad purchase in 2018 was for an ad for cannabis oil products, with the company initially paying $40,000 for a single ad run, with CPAs earning a total of $1.5 million for each ad purchased.

MaxBounty said that the move is the result of the company’s commitment to increasing its exposure to advertisers and increasing the visibility of its CPA products.

“We’ve always been a cpa networking company and we’re happy to partner with the best ad network in the industry,” MaxBentos CPA Andrew Zuckerman said in a statement.

“It will allow us to continue to expand our reach, grow our network, and expand our visibility for cannabis advertisers.”

MaxBountys first ad-buy was for a cannabis oil ad for a Canadian medical marijuana dispensary.

The MaxBets ad-buying platform was initially built by the cannabis industry to support the development of cannabis products for the medical market.

Its growth has been driven by CPA growth and the industry’s desire for cannabis products to be legal.

Maxbountys ads will not be displayed on CPMs platforms, which are owned by other companies, such as CBRE, Max Bountys said.

Max Bounties ad buys are paid for through a $50,000 upfront payment, and the company said it expects to see a 50% revenue increase from this first purchase.

The company said MaxBusts revenue is currently valued at approximately $3.2 million.

The announcement comes after MaxBates revenue grew to $4.2 billion in 2018, according to industry figures.

The ad buying business was one of the fastest growing businesses in the cannabis ad space in 2017.CPAs are not the only cannabis companies making ads with MaxBantys.

Other cpa advertisers are looking to make use of MaxBattles new ad platform.

MaxCPA said that it has partnered with MaxMeter to offer its clients cannabis ad buys through the company.

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