How to be an Admitad network leader in Ireland

AdmitAd, the Irish startup which has been using a blockchain technology to manage its advertising platform, is to launch a platform called Admit.

The startup will enable people to register their brand to advertisers through the blockchain, with an ability to sell their ad space through other platforms.

The new platform, which is a joint venture between Admit and the Admit Campaign Network (ACC), will allow people to offer ads on behalf of brands, such as companies, in a “virtual ad network” where advertisers can accept bids and accept them.

AdmitAd said the new platform would enable people with a strong brand to sell advertising space through the ACC, and offer a “platform for growth and growth in the space”.

“With Admit, people can monetise their brand, get paid for their work, and have an opportunity to become a leader in this space,” said AdmitCEO and Co-Founder, Ryan McCarthy.

Admits founders have also created a network of other platforms that allow people who are looking to sell ads through a platform to sell the ads on the platform, with the goal of making the platform more accessible to anyone.

AdmissionNetwork, the network for online advertising, has been a strong supporter of the blockchain in recent months.

The platform allows people to buy ads on demand and pay for them.

The ACC has been working with Admit to integrate Admit into ACC.

Admitt has also built a business model around selling ad space on Admit through a third-party advertising platform called AdsAd, which it has partnered with.

The company said it was now open to working with ACC to help it to build Admit’s platform, as well as with other companies, to build a more transparent, secure and open platform.

Admitting will offer an on-demand ad platform to people in Ireland who have a strong reputation for running successful ad campaigns, and can make money on it.

“We believe in the blockchain as a tool to revolutionise advertising and we are proud to work with ACC on this exciting project,” said Mr McCarthy.

“Admit Ad is a platform that is uniquely positioned to support the growth of a company and a new advertising platform in Ireland.”

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