Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile are adding T-mobile service to their prepaid plans

AT&A (NYSE: T) and Verizon (NYSE,NYSE: VZ) are adding prepaid-only T-mobiles to their networks in Canada, the U.K. and Mexico, a company official told Reuters.

AT&Ts and Verizon’s prepaid services will be available through both their respective networks in the first quarter of 2018.

Verizon’s plans will be based on the new prepaid offering.

AT &T said it plans to offer its T-mobility service at some point in the future.

T-Mobile, which started offering prepaid-service plans in 2016, had the fastest network growth in the U and U.S. in 2017, but struggled to keep up with competitors like Verizon and AT&ts, which were offering more competitive services. 

“We continue to be impressed with the tremendous growth in prepaid services in Canada and the U, as well as the continued growth of T-Mobility and our global network of over 200,000 locations,” T-Mobiles CEO John Legere said in a statement.

“Our customers love the convenience and value of our prepaid service and are excited to get T-Mo into the home as well.”

Verizon is adding prepaid plans to its prepaid network in the United Kingdom and Mexico.

ATM’s network has grown to over 70 million customers and has a 4G LTE network. 

In addition to the U.-based carriers, Sprint also announced plans to roll out prepaid services to customers in a handful of markets in the second half of 2018, including Texas, Maryland, Colorado and Nevada. 

According to the carrier, the new plans will allow customers to pay a $50 activation fee each month for a year and a $60 monthly activation fee for a two-year period. 

The carriers said that if customers want to switch to the new network, they can either upgrade to a newer device or pay the monthly activation fees. 

At the time of the announcement, Sprint was the only major U..

S.-based carrier offering prepaid plans.

AT, T, Verizon and Sprint were the first three carriers to offer prepaid services.

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