What it means to be a rich man in Indonesia, and why it’s so difficult

In this article, we explore the challenges faced by those in the middle class in Indonesia.

The country’s middle class is growing, with almost 70 percent of Indonesians now living in the bottom 20 percent of the income distribution, and the country has more than 1.5 billion people living below the poverty line.

Many of these people are poor because of rising rents and the fact that they can’t afford the cost of living.

Renting in Jakarta is more than $1,200 a month.

Some of those living in low-income households in Jakarta, however, can easily pay that amount.

For example, in the Jakarta suburb of Jog, a 30-year-old woman rents a flat to a single family of three.

Her rent for that one-bedroom flat is $1.8 million, but it costs her more than that to rent another room.

In Jakarta, renting a room in a low-end apartment means you’re working for less than $800 a month, which means that if you’re a single person in Jakarta with two kids, you’ll need to work for $900 a month to support yourself.

That’s not even accounting for other living expenses that can add up to over $2,000 a month in rent alone.

This is the reality faced by the middle classes in Jakarta.

A survey of Indonesis who work in the construction and engineering industry found that more than a third of those surveyed said they were not able to afford basic expenses like food, housing, clothing and transportation.

The study, conducted by the Indonesian Council for Research and Development (ICRD), found that about three-quarters of the respondents said they had no savings for their next three years.

Some 70 percent said they do not have money in savings, and that most people are either making very little money, or have very little savings.

In addition to the rising costs of living in Jakarta as a result of a rising housing market, the construction industry has been hit hard by rising construction costs, which have been a growing problem in Indonesia for decades.

According to the World Bank, the cost for a single building to build a new home in Indonesia is around $12,500.

That means that a single home can cost around $40,000 to $50,000 just to build.

As a result, the middle and lower classes have been left out in the cold.

According to the ICRD report, construction workers earn only 4 percent of what construction workers in other countries make, and construction workers are often excluded from government benefits, like health care.

The construction industry in Indonesia also suffers from the high cost of electricity.

Electricity is also the country’s most important export commodity, accounting for nearly 40 percent of all exports.

For every dollar of foreign direct investment, the government collects more than 50 cents back in taxes.

The lack of affordable power has been a big problem in Jakarta for years.

In 2012, the Jakarta Electric Company (JET) was forced to shut down after it was accused of dumping hazardous waste into the city’s sewer system.

The toxic wastewater dumped into the sewers in Jakarta caused health problems, including an increase in the spread of gastroenteritis, a serious disease that can lead to kidney failure.JET has not returned to operation in the city since 2013, despite protests by residents and businesses.

The Jakarta Water Authority has been trying to address the problem of water contamination in Jakarta’s sewers by opening a new facility in a former power plant.

The project has been criticized by residents, who say the facility will allow polluted water to seep into the groundwater supply, where it will eventually be pumped out.

Jakarta is also facing a growing health crisis from the rise in the number of cases of H1N1, or coronavirus, a virus that causes severe respiratory illness.

The World Health Organization estimates that as many as 40 percent or more of the Indonesian population may be at risk of contracting the virus.

In Jakarta, the rate of H7N9 cases is expected to triple in just the first year of the pandemic.

With the rise of H5N1 and H7O1, Jakarta has seen an increase of approximately 3,500 cases of coronaviruses this year alone.

The city’s emergency room is already overwhelmed with the virus, and at least 8,000 cases have been diagnosed in Jakarta alone.

The government has said that it has been working hard to provide basic services, like clean drinking water and clean air, to the poor and vulnerable Indonesians.

But the government is not doing enough to provide them with basic necessities like housing, healthcare and food.

Despite the challenges facing the middle, the most popular group in Jakarta right now is the young.

In an effort to keep the middle in line, Jakarta’s government has started to focus more on youth development.

In the past, young people were viewed as the least important demographic group, and in recent years, the city

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