When The Networks Ignore Your Email News Alerts

USA Today article When the networks ignore your email alerts, it’s hard to tell which of them are truly trustworthy.

But we do know that one network is a far better indicator of whether a message is a scam than others.

In this case, the scammer’s message was found to have been fake.

The network that the message was sent to is owned by Comcast.

The scammer, meanwhile, is a man with a fake Facebook page who sent an email to the Comcast account of an investor.

(Read more about how to spot a scammer.)

“The fact that the email was fake and not from Comcast is not surprising,” Comcast’s vice president of public policy, Jennifer Pappas, told the Wall Street Journal.

“We believe that Comcast is an honest company.

We believe that our network is very safe and that we have a great customer-service relationship with them.”

In a statement, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts said: We don’t know the identity of the investor and we don’t want to speculate.

We are working with Comcast to investigate and take appropriate action if necessary.

It’s worth noting that Comcast was the only network that received the scam email in its system.

As for the message being fake, Pappa said that it’s possible that Comcast’s automated system has erroneously flagged the email as fake, but she didn’t offer any explanation.

The spam email has been deleted.

But the scam message is not over.

Comcast will continue to monitor the network and work with the authorities to identify the scammers.

If you believe your email has just been sent by a scam, Comcast has a message for you.

If Comcast detects a fraud, you can always report it to Comcast by emailing [email protected]

Read more about cybersecurity.

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